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Horizontal Application

Horizontal or Decorative Concrete Applications is the most common use of our stencils. The key to a successful stencil job is preparation. Do not skip steps and rush or your project will fail.

Decorative Concrete overlay application

Non - Adhesive Stencils - For use with new concrete installations. Once the stencil is placed on the concrete, the overlay texture is applied over the entire surface and floated. Release agents and textures are applied at this point. Once the stencil is removed and the surface has been cleaned, you can then apply your sealer.

Adhesive backed Stencils - All existing concrete must be cleaned thoroughly to remove any existing oils, paints or residue before the adhesive stencil is applied. Remove the paper back to reveal the adhesive. Apply the stencil to the project area using a stencil roller. Once this is complete you can apply your overlay product per the manufacturer’s directions,either using a hopper gun or a troweled finish. The adhesive backed stencil is removed before the area hardens. Once the surface has been cleaned of all excess debris, you can apply the sealer.

NOTE: Make sure to follow all manufacturer directions for overlay products.

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