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Vertical Application


Make sure all walls are free of surface contaminates, such as dust, dirt, peeling paint, sealers, efflorescence, etc. All of which may impair the adhesion of our stencils to work properly.

In the EIFS industry Faux Brick is a common finish. This is where the use of an adhesive back stencil is used. The process begins with a standard EIFS system, here’s an example of the process. Make sure to follow your manufacturer’s directions for all EIFS/Stuccoapplications.

  • Prep the substrate per project specifications
  • Use a cement basecoat and embed fiberglass reinforcing mesh over the surface of the EPS foam
  • Apply color primer over the base coat surface
  • Adhere the faux brick stencil to the area
  • Trowel apply the finish coat over the stencil and float to desired texture
  • Wait for finish to set up and remove the faux brick stencil

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