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Decorative Concrete Stencils

Decorative Concrete Stencils come in a variety of styles that can be used for various applications. Depending on the project you’re trying to create, a decorative concrete stencil may be the best option for you. Most companies create adhesive stencils using paper that can tear and rip and in a lot of cases be frustrating to work with. A lot of times these paper stencils will delaminate, which causes more problems and more money in having to get new stencils. Most of these applications can only be used once and tend to be harder to work with, which is less efficient and costs more money in the long run because of all the time spent applying them.

Universal Templates only uses plastic stencils for all our applications. We put a lot of care and quality in our adhesive stencils to ensure that you get a quality product, but that we also are aware of the footprint that we leave on the world. All our templates are made from recycled HIPS plastic. By using recycled plastic and recycling the scraps that we have, it helps the environment as well as reduces the overall costs so we can pass on the savings to our customers.

We use High Impact Poly plastic that is a high quality and strong plastic that makes doing decorative concrete stencil work not only look better, but also last longer. Our concrete plastic stencils are approximately .023 thick so it allows for a sturdy but flexible product to be able to be used for multiple applications.

Vertical Concrete Wall Stencil

One of the most popular applications for our stencils is using them for vertical concrete structures. Some of the most popular applications include faux brick stencils as well as faux stone walls. Our decorative wall stencils can create a look of a brick wall by using a slab of vertical concrete and using one of our brick stencils to complete the application. This makes things more efficient and still looks great. With all the labor costs being reduced, this option to utilize wall stencil designs will save some money as an added benefit.

Vertical concrete stencils for walls have been a popular option for a variety of reasons. These days, with advancing technology, it’s faster and easier to pop up a concrete slabs rather than build walls with brick or stone. You can even create a unique design with stucco stencils as well. The issue with the concrete slabs is that it’s so plain looking and doesn’t give off a decorative flair that a lot of people are looking for.

All of our adhesive concrete stencil patterns are made of plastic and a high-quality adhesive that will ensure that your project is done with the highest quality materials. Our templates are great if you’re looking to do a stenciled concrete project. Our concrete stencils can be used for both horizontal and vertical applications.

This is where a decorative wall stencil comes in. Not only can you get a design to look like faux brick or a faux stone wall, but you can be even more creative and unique by utilizing a variety of other stencil designs that will fit your personal style and needs.

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